Fundraising Forms/Events made easy to find!

DISCLOSURE:  "In the event that you are unable to fulfill the fundraising activity that you signed up for, you are required to identify your replacement(s) for the slots you are unable to complete. If you do not have a replacement, and without just cause for cancelling, there will be a fine incurred on your child's account. The fine will be commensurate with the amount lost due to lack of fulfilling our obligation."

How to Acquire an Alcohol Permit -

Indiana Server Certification - also required along with permit and only after you've applied for your permit will it gain you access

Click on First Time Application in the middle of the page and follow prompts.  Some of our events require us to carry alcohol permits. Process can take a few weeks, so you might as well get the process started.  Permit is good for 3 years.  *There is a fee for obtaining the permit.*

Kroger Plus Card - Register your Kroger Plus Card to earn free money for the band!!


Festival of Machines/Conner Prairie

Libby's Ice Cream Dine to Donate

Century Resources



The Grill Dine to Donate August 14th (flyer needed)

State Fair


July - Sept Symphony on the Prairie (beer/wine, parking and some concessions)

Detour American Grille and Bar - Dine to Donate (July 16, 5-8 pm)


Profitable Solutions (June 20-July 15)

Restaurant Cards

June Symphony on the Prairie (beer/wine and parking attendants)


Christmas In July Marathon

Mother's Day Brunch

Restaurant Cards (charged to your account until paid off)


Mattress Fundraiser




Lord Ashley's Dine to Donate (Flyer needed)