• At Lawrence Central, band places 4th in Class B; color guard 2nd

    The Band of Marauders coped well with the unusually warm weather--for September, that is--at the Lawrence Central Marching Band Invitational yesterday. It placed 4th in Open Class B for its performance of "The Knight," missing 3rd by .1 point. The color guard placed 2nd.

    Mr. Ellinger was pleased with the performance. "The band displayed good efforts at Lawrence Central, adding a little more to our show's length while also 'filling in' a great deal of choreography of what we already know," he said. "We were excited to place 2nd in color guard and were excited to be only .1 away from 3rd place.

    "In this activity, a margin of .1 is extremely close!"

    The band's next performance--assuming we don't have rain--will be this Friday at the Mt. Vernon vs. Pendleton Heights home football game. The band is expected to include Part III (the finale) in its performances this weekend.

    The next competition for the Band of Marauders will be this Saturday at the Greenwood Marching Invitational. The time of the band's performance will be announced on Twitter (@BandofMarauders) and on the Band of Marauders Social Page on Facebook. #GOMARAUDERS!


  • Band places 3rd in Class B at Decatur Central

    At its first competition of the season, the Band of Marauders received a 3rd-place showing in open Class B for its performance of "The Knight" at the Decatur Central Contest of Champions.

    The band last competed at Decatur Central in 2014, sweeping the top honors in open Class B for its performance of "The Summit."

    "I am very proud of what our students accomplished at their first show [in competition]," said Mr. Ellinger afterward. "The students have been working hard all summer!

    "We received excellent comments from the judges, which will help us refine what we have on the field and prepare an exciting closer to the show," he explained. The band performed Parts I and II of "The Knight"; it has practiced the music for Part III (the finale) for a few weeks and just started working on the drill for it tonight. But you won't see any of Part III performed until the night before the Greenwood Invitational, at the Mt. Vernon vs. Pendleton Heights game Sept. 22.

    The band's next on-field performance--assuming we don't have rain--will be this Friday at the Mt. Vernon vs. Delta homecoming football game. The next competition for the Band of Marauders is Saturay at the Lawrence Central Marching Band Invitational. The band will take the field at 6:58 p.m. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for non-participating students and preschool children; programs will be $3. GO MARAUDERS!



  • Band helps launch school’s walk-a-thon fundraiser

    Band helps launch school’s walk-a-thon fundraiser

    Friday afternoon, several band members walked next door to Fortville Elementary to perform at a pep rally to help launch the school's annual walk-a-thon fundraiser.

    The walk-a-thon itself won't happen until Sept. 22. The pep rally capped a spirit week designed to help get the kids excited so that they are motivated to collect pledges for donations over the next two weeks.

    "Each grade level participates in the walk, which includes music, walking, and prizes," explained Kyra Davis, fourth-grade teacher at FES who also serves as president of the Mt. Vernon Music Boosters. "It's an all-day event, as each grade level walks at a different time."

    The 31 band members who could get out of class to participate in the pep rally included students from each wind section as well as the entire drum line, said Mr. Ellinger.

  • Look for us on Twitter!

    The Band of Marauders is now on Twitter! We're keeping it 140 characters or less at @BandofMarauders. Look for us!

  • MVHS grad performing this weekend at DCI World Finals

    Shortly after Mt. Vernon's commencement ceremony back in May, recent graduate Dana Sutherlin headed to Colorado to perform with the Blue Knights drum and bugle corps over the summer.

    Dana has had one incredible year. First, she marched with the Bands of America National Honor Band in the Rose Parade in January. She served as captain of the winter guard for the 2017 season. She got to experience the first time Mt. Vernon hosted an Indiana High School Color Guard Association (IHSCGA) competition. And now she's performing with one of the highest-ranking drum and bugle corps on the Drum Corps International (DCI) circuit.

    "I am very proud of what Dana has accomplished," Mr. Ellinger said. "It is very challenging to earn a spot in a Top 12 DCI corps (the number of corps that move on to World Finals). Her dedication and perseverance paid off!"

    The Blue Knights will be in Indianapolis for the DCI World Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium starting Thursday. You can expect to see Dana perform with the Blue Knights in the World Finals this Saturday at the World Finals, because the Knights are a perennial favorite to win.

    Tickets normally run about $50-$140 per person when purchased at the door--slightly less if you order online. However, Indiana residents can see the World Finals for just $19 per person if they show a coupon (which you can print out from here) and their state ID. Note that the seats you get with this coupon are in the stadium's nose-bleed seats.

    Dana Sutherlin performs with the Blue Knights drum and bugle corps.


  • New football field is a thing to behold!

    New football field is a thing to behold!

    Mr. Ellinger and the Music Boosters have often talked about their dream of having artificial turf in Mt. Vernon's football stadium. That dream has finally come true: no more bumps and hills to march over!

    Earlier this year, the school board authorized the installation of artificial turf in the football stadium. Bulldozers began removing the old turf in early June. Despite the rainy summer, the new field was installed on schedule. Last week, members of the band--along with members of the football and cheerleading teams--met with Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins to dedicate the new space.

    "For the band, this [new turf] will make practices and performances much less stressful," Mr. Ellinger noted. "Up until now, performing and practicing on our football field was the only time our students marched on grass. While it may not seem like a big difference to someone who has not experienced the difference, performing on grass is far more challenging. It will be wonderful to perform in a stadium that will be similar to our competition surfaces."

    But there's more to the dream than just having a similar marching surface. "Having turf also opens up the possibility of hosting marching band competitions on our own," he explained. "We look forward to pursuing this possibility for 2018 or in the coming years!"

    Dr. Robbins addresses members of the band, football teams, and cheerleading squads.

    .Band members celebrate the new turf.